Hello reader! I do not know what part of life you are in right now; however, I hope you enjoy reading on my blog and maybe find some useful items you are able to utilize in your own life!

How it all started

I was born and raised in Minnesota. In high school I would say I was in decent shape. I wouldn’t say, “fit”, but overall a healthy weight and was active. I kept myself rounded with my after school activities. I participated in cross-country, the fall play, speech, one act play, and track. I was active in my home town church as well. I was enjoying life.

I began working right after I turned 16 years old. I went on a trip with my youth group to Estes Park, CO. Prior to going I submitted an application to work at our local McDonald’s (hey, it was a job). While on the trip McDonald’s gave me a call and wanted to schedule an interview. I was excited. I returned a week later on my trip and the first day back my interview was scheduled, a few hours later I received the call that I was hired.

It was a new experience. McDonald’s was a great networking opportunity which allowed me to gain new friends and mentors who let me in on how a business works. Granted it was McDonald’s but the principle of running a business was still there: how to make money.

I added my work routine in between my other activities listed above. Between work, activities, and homework I believe I only slept about 4 to 5 hours a night, if I was lucky. That did not slow me down. I was continuously still able to hangout with friends and family. Now, we know what can stress and lack of sleep can do to the body. Sometimes we do not realize our body is stressed while we may not be mentally stressed. The lack of sleep and not slowing down led to me gaining some weight.

Now how did this happen? My sophomore track season I had a bit of a leg injury. All I can recall is that there was enough pain that I walked around school with a pencil in my mouth to prevent my from grinding my teeth with the pain I was in. I had broken bones before; however, this felt different. By the time I made it to the doctor’s I was already on the mend. There was not much left to go over besides take it easy. At the same time I decided I was not going to do any more sports and focus on just work and school.

Before I had my car I biked everywhere I could in my small town of 3,000 people. I got my car early sophomore year and stopped biking. I then stopped running. While in school I did some online classes so it was not required of me to be in school until nearly lunchtime. I would go to work early, have breakfast and maybe even lunch there. I would be at school and would return to work and have dinner. My diet was terrible but being young you do not think much about it.

My senior year I went with my youth group to our New Years overnight party. We would take a van ride down to a bowling alley and celebrate the ringing of the new year there and would stay up all night at the church. This year was a little different for me. I had this weird pang under my rib cage. It hurt to breathe and move around. By the time we made it back home, I waited until the sun came up and asked a parent to drive me home, I was in too much pain to drive myself. Went I got to the ER they made an assumption that it could be my gallbladder. After further testing they decided that it wasn’t and put me on new medication that seemed to solve that problem.

Later that same year, 2014, I moved to Arizona with a good family that I became friends with. I had a year supply of that medication and by January 2015 I made a doctor’s appointment. The new doctor did some additional testing and found that I had a hernia, which was probably the reason for the pain the prior year. I also discovered I had early stages of Barrett’s esophagus. I went on another two years and decided it was time to go back. I went to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ this time.

Walking into the Mayo Clinic can be a bit overwhelming. The professional atmosphere smelt like a nursing home, no surprise there. The Mayo Clinic is a well ran machine. After I finally figured out which floor I was supposed to be on I stood in line to be checked in. After checking in I sat down and waited for my name to be called. Sitting there and looking around you can tell the Mayo is run different from other hospitals and you can see why they are successful. When my name was called I was brought through the usual check in process; being weighed, vitals being taken, and questions on why I was here. The nurse was very nice and advised the doctor would be in shortly.

The doctor came in and asked my questions about my health, my life style, and what I hope to accomplish. I advised that I have had this annoying pang under my rib cage which was diagnosed as a Hiatal Hernia and mild form of Barrett’s Esophagus. I was give an odd look by the doctor when he asked me to stand up and move over to the table to be examined. He told me that my liver was enlarged. He then immediately ordered a few tests to be scheduled. By the time I met the scheduler they already had my blood work done and had tests on different days to be taken care of.

After going through the additional tests I never made it to my follow up. By the time they wanted me in I was given an opportunity to propel my career at the bank I was currently working at. It would be another year before I went back.

I will go over in more details on what the experience was being diagnosed with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Syndrome in another post. It took me nearly six more months after that additional tests and diagnosis for me to actually take control of my life.

From November 6th, 2018 to April 13th, 2019 I have lost a total of 60 pounds and still have about another 20 to go. I want to bring you in on this journey in how I did it and provide you the tools to do the same.

There is a lot of noise…

…out there on how to lose weight. I struggled with the fact I had to give up one of the things I loved the most, food. We are so wired to having food around us all the time we do not realize the toll it takes on us.

Researching diets I was overwhelmed. I had many supportive people tell me what they understood to be the best course of action. I knew I had to make the change at this point because my health was at risk. With a few major life events happening at the same time I knew it was time to do it.

I want to go over a lot of information with everyone in additional blog posts. Everyone should understand that losing weight is different for everyone. Everyone is different and they need to find something that is best for them. I am going to show you throughout my blog how you can be successful.

My goal

This website is here for you to see how far I have been able to come by making changes in my life. I hope you may learn something valuable or gain a new tool to help you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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