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If you have arrived to this page you, are on a mission. The mission to find the best scale for YOU.

I found myself in this very situation early in 2019. I needed to lose some weight and I didn’t just want to step on a normal scale. Now, do not get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with an ordinary scale. I have one of those personalities that needed more than just a simple number.

I knew there scales out there that could assist with helping keep an eye on your BMI and more. I was being successful at diagnosed with NASH (Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis) also known as Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Fat was literally slowly killing me.

When people think of fat we typically imagine the subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous means: situated or applied under the skin. This is the fat we see as the “Beer gut”, around the thighs, upper arms and so on. This is the fat we all want to lose; however, there is a less known fat that is far more important to know, Visceral.

Visceral derives of Viscera, which is our internal organs. Fat can be stored here and it is called visceral fat. Visceral fat surrounds your heart, intestines, kidneys, liver, and everywhere else it can be stored.

Visceral fat can kill you. It caused my NASH and I needed to know that I was being successful at reducing in it Which wraps around to looking for a new scale.

After finding my Renpho scale I made a few discovers with looking for the best Bluetooth scale out there. I am want to help enlighten you the best I can when you are making that consideration with a scale.


Tech, Price, and Reviews

Technology really has come a long way. Many doctor’s offices have begun slowly switching over to digital scales. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy looking at all the numbers that the doctor has to offer

When I started looking for a new scale I wanted the same experience. I knew I needed to be able to see the visceral fat that was causing my current health issues. I found that many Bluetooth scales can give you the basics; your weight and Body Mass Index. Most people will stop and think “Great! MY BMI is high, so as long as that is improving I know I am good to go!” WRONG.

BMI has been given more and more scrutiny as of late due to the fact that 1) Muscle weighs more than fat and 2) you could be 6’4” and skinny as a pole and be considered overweight according to the BMI. Now, do not get me wrong, BMI is a great way to compare yourself with others within your group. Those who strictly only look at BMI will forever feel like they are never going to get to their IDEAL weight.

That is why I wanted more. New scales paired with an app on your phone can open up so many avenues for you. There is a few things I considered with looking for the right tech for a scale:

  1. Does it have an app that allows me to keep track of my information
  2. Is the scale easy to set up
  3. Is the scales tech reputable

There are many scales that offer this. Weight Watchers and Myfitnesspal both have scales that do the above. I will go deeper into why I did not choose these scales later in this post.

So both of the above has the tech and they are reputable companies. I can stand on the scale and it uploads the information in my app. I can see my progress and see where I am with my visceral fat and so on; however, there is more to consider.


Price is a very strong driver with any items you purchase in today’s world. We all want a lot for a little. Weight Watchers and Myfitnesspal scales are both prices sorta high for scales. Granted, with modern technology in them for the type of scales they are we would only assume that being priced higher only makes sense. This is wrong.

We will use Wal-Mart for this situation. When people go out and look for items to buy price places a role. Many times we often buy the “generic” item. With generic foods or medicine it is required to have all the same ingredients as the name brand item in question. Everything is the same, it just happens that the company selling the generic items is able to keep costs down a lot lower, you aren’t paying for the name. This is where I see Weight Watcher and Myfitnesspal come into play.

Both are great companies and really have helped many people out with their health goals. Unfortunately, them selling other products with their name on it means you pay for their name.

They already have you hooked with their program so they would encourage you to buy a product that works with their program the best.

This is not a post to dog on these two companies. It is just my insight seeing how they do the same thing just as any other company, which is to make money. Nothing wrong with that, this world does need to make money to keep it spinning. So I continued my search for a better priced scale. They are out there. At the time I found my Renpho scale it was already down to $27 and free two day shipping. It had the tech, and it had the price, but what sold me? Reviews.


Reviews are either looked a lot or very little depending on what people are looking to purchase. I really dug into many scales online and really wanted to see if the tech and price were worth it. Scales either had many reviews with so-so ratings or barely any reviews for me to trust the product was worth it. Weight Watchers and Myfitnesspal did not have many great reviews nor were there enough reviews to really trust the products themselves.

That is where Renpho sold me. Renpho at over 7,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars! Now, it wasn’t 5 stars. Everyone has their critics; however, to have so many reviews and a positive rating really showed that the product was doing wonders for others.

I am not trying to sell you on Renpho. Renpho for me has really been eye-opening and helping me improve myself as a healthy person. I only wanted to give you the insights with what to look for with finding a better scale for yourself.

In conclusion, I picked a scale that had the technology I wanted, the affordability I needed, and the backing of thousands of people to make me trust it.

This post may not be the greatest, but I hope it provided you the basis in trying to find the best scale as possible for yourself. We are all out there trying to improve ourselves and we need the modern technology to do so.

Good luck on your future endeavors on improving yourself! Please feel free to leave any comments on your progress or your thoughts on the above! Take care!

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