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When you decide to start walking down the path on improving your overall well-being, the first thing people jump to is physical health. Your physical health can impact everything from sleep to mind set. Keeping track of your progress is essential to stay motivated. There are a few things you can do to track your progress:


Technology is a great thing when it comes to keep an eye on your progress. I use a few different apps to keep me going. In another post I will detail the apps I utilize the most but for now let’s start with the preinstalled ones.

I personally use the Samsung Health app as my overall app for my general well-being. Samsung has created many new accessories to go along with this app.

Whichever app you use, ensure you are able to track your sleep, food intake, calories burned, and weight.

Apple and Google both have great apps as well. No matter which fan you are. Just do something to help you achieve the becoming a better you.


The main accessory I want to discuss here is the Bluetooth scale. This has given me the most motivation. Friends and family are there for the mental support, but having the numbers to see it can really help push someone to greatness.

Your weight is an essential part of your overall health. Trying to conquer weight can improve a lot of aspects of your health. Now, we can go to your local Wal-Mart or Target to find scales they may have. Many of these scales do prove you get what you spend. The scale I originally had was one of those dial ones that you had to adjust almost every time you got on it.

I started looking online for better options. I saw that WeightWatchers has their own scale for $100 and so did Fitbit. Samsung had a few partnered companies that they offered through their app but those scales were a little out of price for a scale. Granted they did show a lot of info.

Bluetooth Scales

Choosing a scale was becoming dauntless. I knew I needed a more accurate scale. I needed to be able to check my overall health when it came to my weight. Did I need to spend $100 or even nearly $50 on a scale that was not getting so many great reviews?

As I scrolled through Amazon I found a scale, the Renpho Bluetooth Smart Scale. It had 7,000 reviews on it and the rating overall was 4.3 stars. After reading the reviews, which you should look for yourself, I was impressed. Many people have used other big named Bluetooth scales but were switching over for a much better price of about $30! Plus it advertised FDA approved!

I was sold.

They have other variants of the scale but I wanted to start with something that was economical but yet would still give me a generalization on what my overall health looked like.

It was really important for me to keep an eye on the overall fat I had in my body. Living with a fatty liver you need to focus on reducing your fat you have.

I started to see improvements by improving the food I consumed and some light to moderate exercising. I would say the results prove them self:

I have now had family and friends buy the scales themselves (8 in total!)

Renpho does have a few different scales: the one I have now is the battery powered scale. I have had it for 89 days (as of this post) and the batteries are still going strong. A few of my friends and family have the Rechargeable Renpho Bluetooth Smart Scale. Repho also has a more advanced scale that now tracks your heart health as well!!

You can also look at the Fitbit scale and Weight watchers scale as well. You find what works best for you!

Good Luck! Please reach out if you have any questions or comments!



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